North Shore Car Insurance - Special OfferNorth Shore Car Insurance - Special Offer

Cheaper car insurance guaranteed to North Shore residents who switch a comprehensive policy from NRMA, AAMI or GIO

Residents of Sydney's North Shore can now take advantage of this unbeatable offer from Coles Insurance.

Switch your comprehensive car insurance from NRMA, AAMI or GIO to a Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy any time until 31 May 2011 and you will automatically qualify for these special conditions:

  • $100 Savings Guarantee
  • 2 Year Price Freeze
  • Free Roadside Assistance

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$100 Savings Guarantee

Compare the price of a comprehensive policy from Coles Car Insurance with your current policy. We promise to beat comprehensive policies from NRMA, AAMI and GIO by at least $100!

Call us on 1300 265 374 if we're not already $100 cheaper, and we guarantee we'll drop our price.

Did you know?

You can switch insurers anytime -
not just when your policy is due for renewal. Most insurers will charge a small cancellation fee and then refund the balance of your premium.


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2 Year Price Freeze

Take out a 1-year Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with our $100 Saving Guarantee, and we'll lock in your rate for the following year too, as long as your circumstances don't change and you don't make a claim where you pay an excess.

Free Roadside Assistance

Quality roadside assistance to keep you moving for a whole year. Coles Roadside Assistance coverage includes:

  • Breakdown towing
  • Flat battery assistance
  • Flat or damaged tyre assistance
  • Emergency fuel supply
  • Retrieving keys that have been lost or locked in your car

You'll be covered 24 hours a day, every day for a year,
Australia wide. Roadside assistance terms and conditions

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Why Coles Car Insurance?

Are you eligible for our North Shore offer?

You can take advantage of our great offer if:

  • you switch from a comparable comprehensive insurance policy from NRMA, AAMI or GIO to a Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy which commences before 31 May 2011
  • your vehicle is regularly parked overnight in a North Shore postcode ranging from 2060 to 2126

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

$100 Savings Guarantee conditions

Our special offer means you can save at least $100 off your existing NRMA, AAMI or GIO premium when you switch to a Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. Please note:

  • Your existing policy must be comparable to the Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. In most cases, comprehensive policies from major insurers are comparable.
  • Savings are calculated based on the price shown on your renewal notice. If you don't have a renewal notice, then savings will be calculated based on your existing policy premium. We may ask you to send us a copy of your renewal or existing policy schedule.

And remember, if our online car insurance quote is not at least $100 cheaper, call us on 1300 265 374 and we'll make sure it is!

2 Year Price Freeze conditions

We guarantee that your premium won't go up for at least 2 years from the date your policy starts, unless you change your policy details (like address, vehicle, policy or driver information), or make a claim on your policy where you have to pay an excess.

Free Roadside Assistance conditions

When you sign up for Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance from a qualifying North Shore postcode, you'll automatically be offered Coles Roadside Assistance free for a year.

When you renew your insurance policy after a year, you'll be charged our regular, very competitive rate for Coles Roadside Assistance. Or you can cancel your Roadside Assistance cover. There's no obligation, and no cancellation fee.

Ready to sign up?

Go ahead and take advantage of this discount offer today. Simply switch now from NRMA, AAMI or GIO to a new Coles Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. When you enter your eligible postcode, you will automatically qualify for the 2 Year Price Freeze and receive free Coles Roadside Assistance for one year.

And remember, if our quote isn't $100 cheaper than your current comprehensive insurance policy with NRMA, AAMI or GIO, call us on 1300 265 374, and we guarantee we'll drop our price.